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bossa nova trio
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Chiara Campomori (lead vocalist) Roberto Soldati (acoustic, electric guitars) and Danilo Tomasetta (tenor, alto sax and flute) all have in common a great passion for Bossa Nova, a distinguished tendency, even in Italy, all along their youth. This was the spring that led them to conceive and realize the Vocenova project, an idea that was born between Imola and Bologna at the beginning of the Year 2019. The Vocenova trio aims to set up and reach an essentially acoustic sound, nake and free from electronic effects and artifacts. As a matter of fact, harmonic complexity and refined features are intrinsically provided by Bossa Nova in itself, which melts the overwhelming rithmic figures, typical of the brazilian popular tradition, with the musical complexity and refinement, which have a close relationship with the Jazz harmony. After a careful repertoire selection, based upon the main classical tracks of the Bossa Nova realm, the Vocenova trio has concentred his efforts on the search of admittedly minimal arrangements for only guitar and sax, in such a manner to become a suitable framework to highlight the beautiful melodies performed by Chiara.
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